The first and best Tango Taxi Dancer agency in Buenos Aires.

We provide a safe, exciting and respectable service for everyone who wants to improve or to practise the Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires.

TangoTaxiDancers is an agency which provides friendly and experienced dance partners, male and female, to accompany you anywhere you want to dance the Tango and at any level. Whether you are a visiting professional or quite new to the dance, we can accompany you in private classes, in group classes, in a milonga, at private or corporate events, even on stage.

We also offer private classes using our own method of teaching. We have a system of teaching beginners Tango that is guaranteed to get you dancing in the shortest possible time. We can also give intermediate or advanced classes according to your requirements.

It can be difficult to get started in the milongas if you do not know how to attract or engage a dance partner. It is very bad form in Buenos Aires simply to approach and ask somebody you like the look of, as you might do at a dance at home. Such behaviour marks you out immediately as an inexperienced or bad dancer and you may be refused, ignored or even taken advantage of. At best, you may only dance with other newcomers who do not know the rules either!

Most milongas have a complex code and engaging a dance partner depends on timing, eye contact and subtle signals - and a keen eye on who is where in the room. It is fun once you get the hang of it but can be very daunting to the newcomer, who looks around at the wrong time, missing all the signals. Many leave deflated.

You didn't come all the way to Buenos Aires to be a wallflower! You came here to dance and we can help you!

TangoTaxiDancers can accompany you to your chosen milonga and make sure you dance the night away.

TangoTaxiDancers can help you learn too.

Taking classes alone or with other beginners can make learning the Tango an uphill struggle. Dancing with an experienced partner accelerates your learning, so if you are taking classes with other teachers, you can hire a taxi dancer to accompany you.

We can custom-make a Tango itinerary for you in Buenos Aires, with classes and visits to different milongas - the ones you will see advertised and the ones that only locals go to.

Don't be a wallflower in Buenos Aires!
TangoTaxiDancers is the first and foremost Argentine tango taxi dancer agency in Buenos Aires. If you want to dance tango and need a partner, you can hire an experienced dancer from us. Dance to the best tango music - Pugliese, di Sarli, Calo, Canaro, Troilo - in all your favourite milongas - Canning, Porteno y Bailarin, Gricel, Confiteria Ideal, Viruta, El Beso, Chique, Milonguita, La Bohemia. Learn tango, improve your tango in the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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